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My name is Paul Bergeron Jr. and I am a Master Electrician from Worcester, MA. With a dedicated focus on customer relationships and quality of workmanship, I am here to serve my clients with any electrical needs that may arise. I’m an avid craftsman with a passion for quality. A personal mission I take pride in is bring respect and reputation back into the trades.


"Protecting The Heart Beat Of Your Home And Business"

Our Mission

One mission of Paul Bergeron Jr. Contracting Inc. is to change the stigma and fear that goes into making home improvements and repairs. We value quality and regard the trades as a respectable career choice for ourselves and  the younger generations.


Our History

I started working as a tradesman in and around the central Massachusetts area in 2006. Throughout my career, I have worked for 2 small residential businesses and 2 large commercial contractors. For over 6 years I have dedicated my time after work to build a business completing residential and small commercial projects. With a dedicated focus on customer relationships and quality of workmanship, I am ready to proudly serve my clientele full-time with any electrical needs that may arise.

Towns We Serve

These are the most common areas we work in. Area not listed?   Just shoot us message to see if we can service your area

  • Worcester
  • Auburn
  • Oxford
  • Shrewsbury
  • Paxton
  • Rutland
  • Spencer
  • Sturbridge
  • Boylston
  • West Boylston
  • Grafton
  • Sutton
  • Southboro
  • Millbury
  • Northboro
  • Westborough

Our Services

Residential & Commercial

Here are some of the residential and commercial electrical services we offer. We are always open to different kinds of electrical work, customizations and projects.

The service panel is where electrical power and circuits are controlled. Learn more by watching our service panel VIDEOS or read more on our ELECTRIC PANEL & SUBPANEL UPGRADES web page. 

Having us make a full electrical assessment on a building you might purchase or home is an easy first step to making the right decisions. The value in this is having an unbiased professional opinion on the electrical health of the building or home. We will give a detailed document breaking down the existing electric and suggestions to bring it up to code if it’s not in good shape or working order.


From pulling the correct permits, planning, ruffing unfinished spaces and coming back for the finish we have the knowledge and experience to complete your project in a timely fashion with a touch of professionalism.

Check out this highlight POOL HOUSE VIDEO 

We replace and trouble shoot lights that have stopped working and install new ones of all kinds both indoor and outdoor. This includes ceiling fans as well. We pay close attention to the details when cutting holes and picking out the right products for quality, durability and items that are visual pleasing as well as operational. 

Check out a little trick we use to keep the dust at minimum during an installation. OUR PROCESS

We have many years in residential and commercial applications for all kinds of heating and air conditioning systems. 

There are many situations in which you will need to upgrade old wires. Many kitchen appliances will require an upgrade from a 3 wire to a 4 wire cable. Many old homes need the knob and tube splices addressed and circuits need arch fault or GFCI protection by replacing the breakers. 

If you are installing a new generator or acquiring a property with a generator you will need to address how to safely use this power when power goes out. 

As electric vehicles become more popular and available your home will need to be able to handle a charging station. If you don’t have the proper amps needed for this station a service upgrade from 100 to 200 amps might be necessary.  

We offer an electrical assessment for most projects before starting. These costs are added into the project’s cost and is how we address the issues you have to gain a plan for the repairs.


"To repair and service all your electrical needs for your home and business"

Electrical Safety Assessment

If you have an electrical safety concern in your home or business, contact me to schedule a professional assessment.

Electrical Safety Assessment

Access & DOcument

We access projects either in person as a ONSITE ASSESSMENT or through pictures which can be uploaded using our REQUEST ESTIMATE page. To stay organized we will store this information in our CRM.


Thats what we Worcester Master Electricians call each other. You can learn more about myself, business and the electrical trade by following me on Facebook, Instagram and Youtube.



We love electrical work and our super power is we can see through walls. Joking aside we take pride in our craft no matter how big or small a task.


Our credo is "Protecting The Heartbeat Of Your Home And Business" so we are up to date on the latest safety recommendations and standards.


We respect others time and will always be neat, on time and return messages to our best ability.


Measure 10 times and cut once. Nobody's perfect though we will try. Getting wires inline since 2006.

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